Please Help Support Our 'MePlusOne' Campaign

Basic Tuition and Fees should NOT prevent students from learning

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This YesLiberia's MePlusOne campaign was developed to help students facing dire challenges as they seek education. Though YesLiberia has paid tuition for more than 350 students, your support will help us continue our work for dedicated students with dire needs. The video below provides more details on why we're doing this and how you can get involved.

We're urging you to join us in supporting this YesLiberia's MePlusOne #GivingTuesday campaign today with a small donation. For instance, the cost of a dinner out with friends or a night out with your friends, can actually help someone stay in school. In fact, making monthly donations of $20 a month can cover a tuition for one student in Africa in 12 months. You're on this page because you care about helping people. BUT we know your family and friends do too. Ask them to make a small commitment today towards one student's fees (see cost below). You can make a monthly or one time donation right on this page, right now.

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