Prince Snetter
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Because you believe in education, I am asking you to help us provide unconventional courses for youths in Liberia

Join me in making a difference, please give today.

$1,245 towards $2,000

As a strong supporter of YesLiberia, when I was asked a help launch and fund an unconventional program that is destined to create immediate impact, my first thought was I need to know more about this program. My discussion with the team at YesLiberia focused on the following questions: Why this SportsUp program? Why should people fund it for Liberian Youths? Can YesLiberia proof how our donations will be allocated? Is it possible for me to do this with by hectic schedule and work hours?

I can only hope the questions I asked YesLiberia were the same questions on your mind. If not, please send me or YesLiberia any questions you may have. Their team is very responsive to potential supporters.

However, I must admit, I was not only satisfied by the responses to my questions, but the level of transparency they portrayed during my conversation with YesLiberia, made a tremendous difference in how I look at supporting YesLiberia. Not only was I ready to donate, I also decided to become a fundraising advocate. This page is a result of my conversation with YesLiberia, Inc. By becoming a fundraiser for YESLIBERIA INC, I will help more youth from the comfort of my home in LESS TIME than I ever imagine. And I know you too will feel good about helping me reach my goal because I have done the background research for you and me.

I hope that you will donate to my page and help me reach out to more of our friends, family, and networks to support my page. I have to reach my campaign goal by 12-31-2015— ensuring youths the pathways to providing for their families in this technology-focused century.

Starting Now, please make a donation, share my page link, email me some ideas or questions, or join me by becoming a fundraising advocate for YesLiberia too—you will have your own page.

Thanks for supporting me.