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We Can Try Gifting With A Vision

Join me and let Liberian children finish their education

$425 towards $1,000

Imagine being one of 10 children with parents who are out of work. Your older sister who used to help pay the bills just lost her job. You live in a poor country where each family has to pay for their children's basic education out of pocket. You desperately want to get an education so that you can grow up to be a nurse and make a better life for your own children, but you have no way to pay for your tuition this school year and it is due soon.

This is the life of 13 year-old Mercy. She and 99 more Liberian children might not be able to finish the school year unless someone is willing to sponsor them. That someone could be you. You could make a real difference in Mercy's life by getting her one step closer to her dream of being a nurse.

YesLiberia needs to send tuition payments for 100 sponsored students by the end of the year for the first semester. Students are allowed to attend school without having paid their full tuition until the end of the year. These students will be kicked out of school for nonpayment after the holiday season if their tuition is not covered. This is why we launched this "Gifting With A Vision" campaign. All of our sponsored children had their tuition paid for last semester. That was amazing. We hope to continue that success this school year for Mercy and 99 other children who might not be able to keep going to school.

Help us create opportunities for talent to thrive for the vetted 100 dedicated poor students for YESLIBERIA, INC— an organization I faithfully support because of their common-sense approach and process for empowering youth in Africa.

YesLiberia's board will cover the operational cost for this program. This means 100% of your donations goes directly to the children we serve.